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STEM Options

Robotics and Virtual Robot Design
AR/VR (Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality)
3D Printing and Design
Science Lab Kits
Product Bundles and Makerspaces
Collaborative Classroom Furniture
Instructional Software
Coding (languages include Block, Java, Flow, and Python, among others)

Leading STEM Brands, Big Selection, Competitive Prices

We have a large (and growing) selection of hands-on STEM learning experiences, designed and packaged for you by the world’s leading makers of STEM products. Whether it’s robotics, coding, AR/VR or instructional software, Bluum STEM solutions are easy to use and affordably priced.

Regardless of your experience and funding levels, Bluum has a scalable STEM solution that can be tailored to your budget, learning levels and spaces.


Bluum Benefits for STEM Students

  • Hands-on, 21st-century learning experiences
  • Gaining collaboration and innovation skills 
  • Career and technical education (CTE) support
  • Career readiness support
  • Dynamic curricular content that boosts student engagement
  • Having fun while acquiring in-demand skills and knowledge

One Expert Partner for All STEM Needs

Bluum has STEM kits and bundles for every grade level and experience range, so you can create interactive learning experiences that are exciting and memorable. We offer customizable STEM solutions for classrooms, afterschool programs and learning at home.

Whether you’re teaching primary school students just beginning their STEM adventures or soon-to-be college students preparing for the careers of the future, Bluum is your essential expert partner for science, technology, engineering and math education.

There is a Bundle to Fit Every Classroom's Needs

STEM Bundles for the Classroom

Planting STEM Seeds for Better Learning Outcomes

Bluum works with educators to empower them and their students

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Quality Comes First

With hundreds of engaging STEM products and compelling curricular content tested and approved by our EdTech experts, Bluum ensures an enriching adventure in the constantly evolving world of STEM education.

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Superior Customer Service

Bluum’s STEM team is ready to answer your questions and offer recommendations. If you’re having any technical issues, we have you covered with prompt replacements and repairs.  We also offer STEM professional development support for teachers.

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Interactive STEM Learning

From planting the seeds of innovation to harvesting future-ready skills, Bluum makes learning STEM a compelling experience in any setting, meeting you wherever you are in your STEM growth journey.

Discover STEM solutions designed for you. Talk with a Bluum STEM expert.

Bluum STEM Solutions Vendor Partners

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Bluum support educators differently than our competitors?

Bluum provides stellar support during all phases of STEM purchasing—before, during and after. We offer robust implementation support to ensure that teachers and students use the products and get the most out of them. We also sell STEM products that have ready-to-use instructional content included.

How can educators know which STEM products are the best fit for their needs without being able to test them out?

In most cases, Bluum can provide hands-on product demonstrations that allow educators to test things out for themselves before making purchasing decisions. We test out everything we sell, so we can also provide deep insights on choosing the right STEM learning tools. For example, if you’re not sure whether AR/VR content is appropriate for the students who will be using it, Bluum’s STEM team can share successful use cases with our various products, outlining the best options for any particular age group.

What do the most commonly used STEM acronyms stand for?
  • STEM : Science, Technology, Engineering and Math
  • CTE: Career and Technical Education
  • VR: Virtual Reality
  • AR: Augmented Reality

What are some of the main advantages of STEM education?

STEM education is a hands-on, 21st-century learning experience that drives and elevates student engagement, in the classroom and beyond. It encourages students to become lifelong learners and creators. STEM future proofs their education with skills that will be in high demand when they enter the workforce. 

For science, technology, engineering, and math educators at all levels, from pre-kindergarten to advanced degree graduate programs at colleges and universities, STEM empowers them to expand their teaching platforms and deliver lessons that are dynamic, interactive, collaborative and memorable.

What computer coding languages are included in Bluum’s STEM offerings?

Block coding, Java, Flow, and Python.

Do you know which technology plan or product is right for me?

Bluum is your next step in creating a brighter tomorrow. Talk to us about projects big or small, ask about what we're seeing in the world of educational technology, or send us a quick hello.