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Strategic Planning
Advisory Service

People sitting around a table on laptops.Building a Digitally Responsive Education Organization


Bluum offers a collaborative model that empowers you to analyze the effectiveness of your current technology infrastructure and responsiveness in nine areas, from teaching and learning to safety and security.

Our step-by-step strategic planning process engages stakeholders through interviews, focus groups, and surveys, to discover current technology practices and challenges in your unique environment. With expert guidance, you will facilitate productive dialogues that advance effective, efficient analysis, resulting in short and long-term strategic plans for digital alignment and transformation.


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A Comprehensive Model for 21st-Century Learning

As educators and decision-makers, technology investments must align with your strategic goals at every level to optimize student opportunity, creativity and engagement.

As funding becomes available incrementally, educators often find themselves using a patchwork of tools and platforms layered without a plan. They often lack the time, resources, or buy-in to comprehensively assess technology effectiveness and drive change.

Bluum offers the expertise and data-informed analysis process to identify and bolster strengths, eliminate redundancies and fill gaps in your technology ecosystem, equipping you to advance your organization’s vision.



How well is your current technology ecosystem meeting your organization’s needs?

Holistic Planning Support from
Evaluation to Action


We help educational leaders evaluate their organization and identify strengths and gaps for highly informed short- and long-term strategic planning for maximizing resources and growth.

Data-Informed Analysis

The process starts with collecting objective data from stakeholders across your technology landscape to analyze challenges, gaps and possibilities in your current learning environments.

Robust Technology and Pedagogy Profile

Based on the data collected and analyzed, Bluum’s planning advisors  deliver a comprehensive, research-based technology profile built on capabilities and opportunities for growth.

Strategic Plan

Next, we work with you to design a multi-year strategic plan for digital-age learning, complete with actionable steps for accomplishing goals, and performance metrics for demonstrating results.

Developing Your Organization's Capacity for Strategic Planning: Schools as Living Systems

Learn how to effectively and efficiently leverage step-by-step planning that yields innovative solutions. Leave with the ability to establish a sustainable advantage for your educational organization.

Access our on-demand four-part webinar video series and downloadable content guide, Bluum’s Spiral Model for EdTech Planning.


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A Digitally Responsive Framework To Support Students’ Unique Needs

Our spiral analysis model provides an evaluation of your organization’s digital responsiveness in nine key areas.

Leadership and Governance
Teaching and Learning
Professional Learning
Assessment Practices
Content and Curricula
Collaboration and Networking
Learning Technology Infrastructure
Digital Equity and Inclusion
Safety and Security

Using this vital information, we recommend the best digital teaching and learning tools to build a digitally responsive organization.


Your Personalized Strategic Planning Consultation Awaits


2 people talking at a table.


What to expect:


  • A 10-minute discovery dialogue for us to understand your digital ecosystem and technology planning needs.
  • A chance to discuss Bluum’s Framework for Digitally Responsive Educational Organizations and assess your school or district’s preparedness for digital-age learning.
  • Examples of key indicators for responsiveness and best practices in all nine key areas.
  • No hard sell – we’re here to support your technology planning needs. We work with you to create a strategic action plan.
  • Face time to work with a Bluum Strategic Planning Advisor on identifying the best application of the digitally responsive framework in your organization.

What you walk away with:


    • An evaluation of your school or district’s preparedness for digital-age learning.
    • A clear understanding of responsiveness indicators and education technology best practices for actionable insights.

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